Gestalt therapy with native English speaker

If you speak English (or Russian) and are looking for therapy or counselling in Neuruppin, you are welcome to contact me. 

Despite my German name, I am a native English speaker from the UK. Before coming to Germany in 2000, I spent several years working in London and Ukraine for the BBC and the British Council. I moved from Berlin to the Ostprignitz region in 2016.

I have been working in private practice as a gestalt therapist since qualifying from the "IGG Berlin" in 2012.
In 2004, I completed my 3-year training as a Middendorf breath- and bodywork teacher.
I have been a certified healthcare practitioner ("Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie") since 2007.

              My approach: gestalt therapy with music

Gestalt therapy is an experiential, humanistic form of psychotherapy. During sessions, I encourage you to learn to appreciate your inner resources as well as explore and express the parts of your personality that you don't feel so comfortable with. At the same time, you have the opportunity gain a new perspective on your current environment - friends, partner, family, work - as well as experiences that you may have had earlier on in life that impact your way of being in the world and how you relate to yourself and others in the here and now.

Rather than offering quick solutions that put you under pressure to succeed, my approach is to encourage you to take your own time to explore the issues and challenges that you bring to therapy or counselling - in an open and lively dialogue.

If you wish, there are instruments available in the room that can provide very valuable new insights into what we discuss verbally. It is always surprising just how much can be expressed by moving away from "talking about" an issue and starting to "play" it. In line with the basic principle of gestalt therapy, the aim here is by no means to play beautifully, but rather to use music as a tool for expression and for exploring various ideas on a more emotional and physical level. 

With this in mind, there's no such thing as a wrong note! In the words of the American experimental composer John Cage: "I welcome whatever happens next"!

            Breath and body awareness

As a qualified breathwork practitioner, I also like to incorporate breath and body awareness into one-to-one sessions. The approach I use was developed by the Berlin breath therapist Ilse Middendorf, and focuses on developing awareness of your breathing and body rather than trying to make improvements through special techniques or willpower. That makes this work ideally suited to the gestalt therapy approach, which is that real change cannot and should not be forced. 

The aim of this work is therefore not "relaxation" or "better breathing" (although that often happens of its own accord), but to enable you to relate to yourself and your body in a new way. This can bring psychological benefits, too. Studies have shown that anxiety and insecurity (psychological and physical tension) are a symptom of a lack of connection to your own body. This can easily arise in certain situations in everyday life, with the result that we lose contact with a potential form of support that is always there within us. It is a well-established fact that deeper awareness of yourself on a physical level provides an innate sense of stability. Once you can access it, the challenges with which you are confronted may no longer feel quite so daunting, and you can develop the ability to respond to them in a more flexible, creative way.

Appointments and cost

The first step, if you are considering therapy sessions, is to arrange an initial appointment with me so that we can get to know each other and decide how to proceed. Sessions can be arranged on a regular, weekly basis, or at longer intervals depending on what is appropriate.

Please note that in Germany, gestalt therapy is not covered by the standard state health insurance. However, if you have a supplementary policy covering complementary medicine, the costs may well be reimbursed. If you are privately insured, then your insurance company might cover a proportion of the costs.

Cost of initial appointment (50 minutes):  EUR 30.00
Cost of regular sessions (50 minutes):  EUR 70.00

Reduced prices available by agreement.

You are welcome to contact me by phone, or send a message via the "Kontakt" page.